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Our Team

Our team consists of scientists and individuals who have traditionally cultivated the land, sharing a common love and respect for nature and the art of winemaking. By exchanging knowledge and experiences, they work passionately as a family, ensuring that the land yields high-quality fruits, which they then transform into our precious wine.

Grigoris Skopelitis is the oenologist of the Terra Grazia Estate. He studied oenology in Athens. Grigoris Skopelitis serves as a consultant to wineries throughout Greece and has been honoured with praise and awards in international competitions. Grigoris Skopelitis serves as a consultant to wineries throughout Greece and has been honoured with praise and awards in international competitions. During his time in Burgundy, he had the opportunity to delve into the secrets of winemaking according to the principles of the famous School of Wine, which emphasizes on the terroir. “In Burgundy, we controlled each vineyard separately, tasted its grapes and strictly selected the raw materials” notes Grigoris Skopelitis, who now brings his knowledge to Terra Grazia Estate.

As he points out: “The relief of Naxos is unique, as are its grape varieties, which are pre-phylloxera, meaning they have been preserved untouched by the phylloxera epidemic that devastated a large part of the Greek vineyard. Naxos is, therefore, a Variety Library, and we are currently in the process of identifying them.” Regarding the winemaking of Terra Grazia wines, he explains: “Our goal is to capture the characteristics of the varieties in the bottle. We have succeeded in doing so. How? By remaining as faithful as possible to the traditional winemaking of the island, with gentle treatment of the raw materials and strict selection of grapes.”

Psarostefanos is the man who keeps the history of viticulture alive in Naxos.

A lover of the island’s biodiversity and especially of the vine, he passes down the island’s traditions from generation to generation, playing his tsambouna (a wind instrument made of goat skin) with his soul and reciting verses from the island’s folklore.

He cultivates with traditional biodynamic methods and cares for our vineyard passionately.

We owe him a lot for his contribution to the preservation of local vine varieties and the transmission of knowledge about the therapeutic properties and special characteristics of the herbs found on the island, as well as the wisdom of the authentic people who choose to live in close contact with nature.

He is this young man who, with love and dedication, translates the knowledge he gains from the continuous dialogue between science and tradition into care for our vineyard, with his main concern and personal satisfaction being to see it yield its precious fruits for us.

He is the hope for the future and the living example of hard work and faith in duty and goal.

He is the man of the estate, and we owe him equally much.

Our team faithfully follows the rules of traditional viticulture as it has been practiced for centuries on the island, while also incorporating the findings of long-term scientific studies.


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